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As the on-demand towing market is rapidly growing, so is the number of mobile apps available for this industry. Furthermore, this market is highly fragmented with a high level of competition. That is why it’s imperative for towing operators to have a perfect mobile app.  This will not only help you to stand out from […]

You provide roadside assistance when your customers need it most – in the middle of the night, or right after a snowstorm.  Why not help them when they need it most? An essential tool for successful tow truck businesses to generate leads is a roadside assistance app. The Roadside Assistance app provides a way for […]

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People are becoming more interested in traveling these days. Their desire to explore interesting places has led them to travel hundreds of miles and even to remote locations. However, these journeys may not go so well for some or many. Their vehicles predominately broke down due to factors such as flat tires, absence of fuel, […]

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