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Start Your Towing Business with Roadside Assistance App From Uplogic Technologies

People are becoming more interested in traveling these days. Their desire to explore interesting places has led them to travel hundreds of miles and even to remote locations.

However, these journeys may not go so well for some or many. Their vehicles predominately broke down due to factors such as flat tires, absence of fuel, accidental loss of keys, and a variety of other factors that vary depending on the vehicle.

In this scenario, it is extremely challenging to locate a nearby towing service; this is where the roadside assistance app comes into play. It makes it possible for people to connect with the ideal towing service with a few taps on their mobile devices.

Many entrepreneurs and even conservative towing companies have started developing their own on-demand towing service app in order to benefit immensely by facilitating a reliable roadside assistance service to end-users.

Uplogic technologies, as a prominent app development company with a pool of extremely skilled app developers, we provide a constructive on-demand roadside assistance app for entrepreneurs and established towing service startups.

This blog will be a great resource for entrepreneurs to obtain an in-depth comprehension of how to expand their roadside assistance service to increase the customer base and how Uplogic technologies will lend a hand to them in doing so with our robust towing service app.

Crucial Tactics for Increasing Towing Bookings

The towing service is the fellowship business model for numerous on-demand apps presently obtainable in the industry.

In this respect, tow trucking service is one of the greatest financially viable platforms in the modern age. The towing service app service connects people with roadside assistance rapidly.

Having your own towing company enables you to be your own business owner. It furthermore delegates you to continue providing beneficial support for vulnerable drivers, corporate executives, and other market participants.

Uplogic technologies create an on-demand roadside assistance app solution well with the finest UI and eye-catching functionality.

It further allows you, as an entrepreneur, to instantly unveil the towing service with a better brand image and advertisements that are tailored towards the customer’s request with just a few clicks in the roadside assistance app. 

Profit maximization with our various revenue schemes in the towing service app is shown below. 

  • Referrals: Your business app from Uplogic Technologies has the referral option in the app that helps users to pertain to their friends or family members in order to receive supplemental deals and special offers on the scheduled towing service. This attracts potential users and has a greater user percentage. 
  • Subscription Charges: We have customized the app with a subscription option, users can subscribe to memberships and gain financially from timeous uses. 

Furthermore, this is adaptable for delivery agencies, logistics solutions, and other real economy public transit businesspersons.

  • In-app Advertisements: The app allows truck companies to promote their services within the app. This enables them to seamlessly capture the user’s exposure and grasp the booking. Admin has the ability to retrieve the adverts fare.

Above are a couple of instances of the revenue-generating strategies which we have incorporated into your towing service app solution. We also have included fee suggestions, commission fare on every booking, and authenticated business fare are also among others.  

Distinctive Features that Uplogic Technologies Includes in Your On-demand Roadside Assistance App 

  • Validate Capacity: The most important aspect of a towing service is the capacity of the towing truck, which ought to be greater than the vehicle being towed. 

This feature makes it possible for the user to select the appropriate towing trucks based on the potential of their vehicle.

  • Distance Detection: This feature informs the customers well about booked towing service in real-time. 

Users can also perceive the precise time estimate of both the service emergence as well as the charges of the service which they have booked.

  • Drivers Validation: The service levels will be improved by validating the driver’s portfolio with the mandatory documentation. 

As a service provider, you can increase the clarity of your towing service and get good recognition and trust among your users.

  • Packages for Towing: Because there are numerous tow packages, enumerating them all will authorize users to select the best deal based on their prevailing necessities. 

You can also include a crisis towing service with just an extra charge for rapid vehicle recovery.

  • Convenient User Service: While it is genuine that the tow truck service cannot offer better and extravagant vehicle retrieval service, users still require a convenient booking system. 

To enhance convenience, our app makes it possible for users to book and customize their booked accounts at whatever time.

  • Productive Location Sharing: During the nighttime, many users are unaware of their own location. 

As a result, this feature was included to allow users to end up sharing their current location with his\her service provider and also their relative’s circle.


Those certain impactful features described in this blog post will make it easier for towing service providers to meet their specific objectives. Your on-demand roadside assistance app from Uplogic technologies is seamlessly incorporated and built with cutting-edge technology stacks. It enables you to conduct their operations with ultimate caution and start providing bug-free roadside assistance in real-time.

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