How Enterprise Mobility Management Is Proving Uplogic A Game-changer In App Development 2020?


The 2020 business competitive race starts. Are you ready to participate?. It is essential to know some of the play rules for the business race. Every enterprise owners’ need to stand top in the race. But how?. Meeting the real-time trends, challenges and you are the solutions for the risks means, definitely, your enterprise creates the brand in the market. Business survival can lie in adopting ability. Business reports stated that around 63% of industrialists concentrate on how mobility solutions are integrated within the organization. The failure in adopting mobility solutions makes them struggle in the future since the world goes digital. 

Uplogic will perfectly capture this scenario and provide mobility solutions to enterprises to make them play a business race effectively. Mobility turns out to be a great demand for enterprises because of the immense growth of smart devices like Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Factors such as speed data processing, app stores, and mobile apps played a key role in the escalation of enterprise mobility. Being the mobile app development company, Uplogic inherits the necessary techie skills to assist you to create the perfect mobility solution in your enterprise. But how?. This blog will give you a detailed answer to that. Take a look away.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Prior to the state of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), you first familiar with what is enterprise mobility?. Simply it defines the solution derived from the firms. The derived solution from the firms will help the other firmly in the following ways: cost reduction, profit maximization, and growth of the shareholders. It relies on the transformation of human interactions into the strategic models and it creates a successful environment for any enterprise. Ok. Now you can know EMM. yes. Either group of people or the set of processes, resources used to attain the successful enterprise mobility and that is termed as EMM. This also ensures easy access to digital assets in the controlled environment. Adopting EMM supports the enterprise in the following ways.

  • Security Assurance
  • Control access in IT department
  • Efficient credentials management
  • Customer support through smart devices

 Market research reports also stated the importance of EMM in the future market.  By 2020, the growth value for the enterprise mobility market attains 360.07 Billion Dollars. The Asian-Pacific companies encouraged the employees to do the work on personal devices. This transformation definitely increases productivity and sales. With this witness, the enterprise mobility market is expected to grow year by year due to the drastic evolution of smartphone usage. Thereby, Uplogic started offering mobility solutions to the enterprises for the last two years. 

Why are next-gen companies thirsting on EM Solutions?

With the two metrics such as flexibility and choice in the customer side, as well as job satisfaction and the maximum productivity in the enterprise side, the EMM is an evolved concept recently.  The mobile devices-based working environment helps the organization grow to 34% and the additional working hours of 240 annually. With the inclusion of mobility solutions in enterprises, 53% of employees felt convenience in working. From this survey, you might have the idea to integrate mobility solutions for your enterprises for the satisfaction of both employees and customers. To strengthen this point, here you have gone through some of the features to state why the next generation companies need EM solutions. 

  • Productivity Escalation

EM enables the employees to conduct business anytime and anywhere. With the evolution of mobile apps, the paper-driven process is transformed into digital and automated. The data accuracy improvement through the smart way of workflow also achieved with the help of EM solutions. Uplogic makes its stamp on the on demand delivery industry through the location-based services, food delivery services and rental services in order to take part in the productivity of the enterprises.

  •  Stay Home! Do Work!

Home is the heart of people. Work from home is a successful concept with the arrival of websites, laptop, and smart devices. The evolution of mobile apps further dilutes the work in a smart way in-home approach. Inherit the EM solutions in your enterprise gives the employees to work remotely or home. The provision of mobility solutions from Uplogic to the enterprises support for their growth parallel with employee satisfaction.

  • Less Operational Cost

The most important metric for the successful growth of the business lies in the operational cost. Manpower based enterprise management required huge operational costs for resource selection, salaries, and extra benefits. To eradicate that, the enterprises turned towards the mobility solutions in order to minimize the operational cost. With the single app in hand, the owner can make the business on frequent taps. This reduces operational costs significantly.

  • Accelerated Reporting Data Management

The inclusion of mobile reporting systems in the mobility solutions helps the enterprise’s employees to provide the instant reporting of the projects and this makes higher officials to review at any time anywhere. Identifying the top employees and the weak line are two major benefits of this accelerated reporting system. Besides, the generation of valuable data for making smart business decisions and further improvements also the added advantage of the mobile reporting system. 

With these features, every enterprise looks into mobility solutions to identify their position and how to meet the real-time expectations of the customer in a better way. Thereby, the Uplogic concentrated on delivering good mobility services to the enterprises by considering the above features in mind. Running enterprises according to the trends assure the survival in the market. Since this is the digital environment, some of the digital trends drive the EM solutions into the next level. Let’s have a quick look at them. 

Digital Trends Driving Enterprise Mobility and How Uplogic meet those trends

As the business scenarios are not a static one, the enterprises are ready to adopt new changes to stay alive in the market. The increased utilization of mobile devices in either workplaces or personal locations opens up the chance of security issues and complexity in management. In order to deal with these, several digital trends are observed in the market. 

  • Trending Culture of BYOD and EPD

Already all the enterprises are familiar with these two models in expansion Build Your Own Device (BYOD) and Employer-Provided Device (EPD). These two models definitely ruled out the enterprises significantly. In BYOD, the installation of firms’ apps into the employees’ mobile devices, retaining the performance of device selection and privacy are the beneficial points to the user side. Control on the software and the data are the beneficial points across the employer side. The EPD is the sub-term that defines either firm provides a BYOD model fully or partially. 

Uplogic inherits these models during offering mobility solutions to the enterprise in order to track the remote work status data and tools used. The cost advantage of providing the BYOD model is ultimately beneficial to the small scale enterprises.

  • IoT-centric Development

In the future, the Internet of Things (IoT)  will gain huge popularity around the world. Uplogic turned their concentration into the IoT-centric mobile app development instead of common mobile app development that will be beneficial in the following ways

  • Assurance of workspace security
  • Convenience in massive data handling
  • Hyper-personalized user experience
  • Scalability in data management techniques
  • Revolution in Mobile Connectivity

Making reliable connections in a fast way is the emerging trend observed in 2020. The reliability and the speed are achieved with the help of generations (5G) of mobile network and Wi-Fi editions.  Research stated that the 5G is the best fit for the following metrics: high data rate, minimum latency, better connectivity and the 90% reduction in energy consumption. Since Uplogics’ focus on mobile and web app development, it surely fits for the next generation of the internet. 

  • Treat Security as Top Priority

Since all the management on smart devices, there is a possibility of high risks in securing the corporate data. Initially, the firms are concentrated on Mobile Device Management (MDM)  where the IT department controlled the usage of the devices at the office itself. But, nowadays the technology is moving towards Mobile Application Management (MAM) where unified endpoint management is the ultimate focus of the Uplogic in order to fit for the 2020 trends. 

With the above digital trends, enterprise mobility solutions transform the entire working environment into a secure customer-centric platform. To meet these trends in real-time, some of the high-risk factors are also enabled.

What are the risks to adapt to Enterprise Mobility and the Uplogic Way of Mitigating the risks?

The major needs of the enterprise are productivity, operational/collaborative benefits by integrating third-party services for their app development. Enterprise Mobility solutions are also responsible for the entire transformation of the business that leads to some advanced risks in real-time. Here, this section highlights what are the major risks and how uplogic resolved in a smart way.  

  • Lack of System Integration

Workflow automation demands the synchronization of devices. The lack of interconnection between the devices affected the relevant data sharing. The vital state is the developing mobile applications need to integrate all mobile devices in order to make the workflow seamlessly. Failure in the linking process will definitely affect the data flow.

Employing MDM and MAM techniques ensure satisfaction on both sides of the employee and companies. While allowing flexibility usage, the MDM ensures the device suitability and security in the workplace. In a similar way, the MAM allows your enterprise to monitor the entire processing stages of the project in an efficient manner. 

  • Deficiency in APP Development Platforms

The major complexity lies in functional app development. Top App developers are required for coding, testing, and support during the build of the mobile app. The lack of selecting the perfect app developers deteriorates your performance in the market.

With the high-skilled development team, uplogic provided the mobile app solutions that fitted on both Android and iOS platforms and also assured the guaranteed 24*7 support to meet real-time needs. Adopting different strategies in accordance with future demands creates the center of excellence. 

  • The need for Flawless User Experience

The major driving factor for the industries is to offer end-to-end user experience. Applying enterprise mobility solutions enabling the employees to work at any time and any location. The compatibility and integration with the business systems are major requirements for the mobility solutions

With the aid of intrinsic API based delivery, the upgrade of any function in mobility services is feasible and this makes the customer gain a better experience. Besides, the exposure of your enterprise is high in the market. 

With these common solutions, the Uplogic makes you mitigating the risks in applying mobility solutions to your enterprises. But, these are not enough to stand your enterprise as different in the market. Hence, the Uplogic inherits some more beneficial things added in the mobility solutions offering. 

How Uplogic Assist for making your enterprise as the top in adopting Enterprise Mobility?

Till now, you have gone through how enterprise mobility is the opportunity for organizational transformation. In addition to that, how the Uplogic took part in the future trends and mitigation of risks in adopting enterprise mobility. Mobile apps have played a major role in revenue creation, productivity escalation, and employee satisfaction. This section clarifies the additional ways of how Uplogic makes your enterprise as the top in the market. 

  • Overcome the risks in Cloud deployment apps

To allow the significant cost reduction and speed in execution, many of the enterprises wish to deploy their apps in the cloud. Here, the mistakes arise due to the inability of understanding the differences between the traditional data centers and the cloud solutions. To achieve the best results, enterprises need to hire an efficient developer. Uplogics’ developers grasped these differences and made their applications accordingly. 

  • Own Centralized App

Centralization and the optimization of all business activities through your own app is the better solution for efficiency improvement, direct marketing, and your small business into real success. Thereby, the Uplogic focuses on the centralized app development that helps the enterprise in determining the key phases of the business life cycle processes like development, testing, and deployment. 

  • Focus on Reusable Built-in BLocks

Since Uplogic has the prominence experience in the mobile/web applications development, there should be wide chances for the built-in block for the successive projects. Pulling out those blocks and reusable according to your enterprise needs considerably reduces the time, cost and frustration in the projects.  Instead of duplication of efforts, the exposure of app integration through the service catalog surely enhanced the productivity of your enterprises.

Wrapped Up

Uplogic is equipped with a well efficient development team in order to tackle the obstacles of adopting enterprise mobility solutions. We have a proven record in the best user experience through mobile app development services. Uplogic is ready to offer the complete end-to-end services in the mobility space, covering nook and corner of the mobile development cycle for the growth of your enterprise. Why not connect at [email protected]. To find out how we can add mobility value for your enterprise and make you a game-changer in the industry. 

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